About us

Life science is a knowledge intense industry. It follows the same rules as other businesses: Use your competitive edge to provide the best possible solution to your customers. Getting an idea off the ground and to a final product in the hands of customers requires different skill sets, knowledge and tools at different points in time.

Our mission is to make our Clients' teams excel. All businesses have different cultures and varying needs. By hiring a consultant with us, you get the knowledge, experience and network of the whole Fortino Team.

During our years in the industry, we also built a network of trusted suppliers to develop cost effective solutions that fit the need of Clients. Suppliers include expertise in IP, product design, product testing, transport and warehousing.

Every project is tailored to meet the needs of the Client. Some questions may be easily answered within a short project, while some challenges along the way just require hands on by a subject matter expert. And in some cases, a project may require the full attention of a cross discliplinary team. We make sure what we deliver is actionable, useful and solves the Client's needs.

The Team

Santeri Kiviluoto

Santeri has over 15 years of experience in biomedical business development and R&D.​

Hamid Mellat-Doost
VP Quality & Compliance

Hamid has over 25 years of experience in QA/QC from both biopharma and medtech.

Max Johansson
Senior Consultant​

Max has over 6 years of experience in Life Science from roles such as QA and release. ​

Nellie Hall
Junior Consultant

Nellie has a solid foundation on aspects related to life science business, QC aspects and R&D.

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